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Packaging Inspection

Solutions for Packaging Inspection

LED illumination is widely used in the packaging industry to ensure that packaging is of the highest standards. Vision systems are typically used when the packaging is formed, filled, labelled or placed in crates to ensure that all of these processes are carried out correctly.

Packaging, whether it is made of glass, plastic or metal can be inspected to detect surface flaws and ensure that dimensions are correct. Vision systems are often used to ensure that packaging is filled to the correct level and to verify that packages are sealed correctly. Another common application is label inspection, this can be used to ensure the positioning of the label is correct and to verify the information on the label - critical in ensuring traceability.

Quality of Illumination

The quality of illumination of the area under inspection will determine the accuracy and throughput of the process. The brightness and uniformity of illumination is extremely important in determining the speed of vision systems used in the packaging industry. ProPhotonix provide some of the brightest, most uniform products available on the market and a number of our products are also suitable for strobing which can further increase the throughput of the system.

Custom Solutions

ProPhotonix provide a range of reliable standard products ideally suited to packaging inspection. ProPhotonix also provide custom solutions for your specific application needs. ProPhotonix can help you to achieve your ideal solution through the combination of experience in Chip-On-Board technology and our expertise in optical and mechanical design. ProPhotonix has been a pioneer in Chip-On-Board technology which has resulted in the ability to offer solutions with the widest range of wavelengths on the market.

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