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UV Machine Vision Lighting

ProPhotonix offers a wide range of UV Machine Vision Lighting products in 365nm and 395nm for applications such as currency inspection and food sorting.

In the case of currency inspection, banknote production is an industry which demands high levels of uniformity and consistency in the manufacturing process. Sophisticated inspection systems are required in order to maintain the high standards that are needed. During the production process, banknotes must be examined under the criteria of print integrity (missing print, dirt, spots, smears), print registry (correct spacing between printed elements) and color rendering (uniformity and consistency in color blending and application).

To inhibit counterfeiting of banknotes, some selected features are printed in fluorescent ink, which is invisible to the naked eye. During the inspection process, defects in the application of fluorescent ink markings are detected by a monochrome camera which observes the banknote illuminated under UV light.

ProPhotonix innovative products are designed with Chip-on-Board (COB) LED technology providing extremely intense and compact LED products, the performance of which simply cannot be matched with standard surface mount LED technology.

Our products are available in a range of form factors and our highly qualified team of optical, mechanical & electronic engineers can also collaborate with you to design and manufacture a custom solution optimized for your application. For more information visit custom solutions.

UV Area, Ring & Spot lights

Offering superior uniformity, extreme brightness and compact form factors the SpecBright™ range of area, ring and spot lights offer an easily integrated solution for your application needs. For more information visit the 
SpecBrights page

UV LED Line Light

The COBRA™ Slim Series of LED Line Lights offers the highest intensity Machine Vision line light available on the market today. For extreme brightness visit the COBRA™ Max page. For applications where space is restricted visit the COBRA™ Flex page.