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Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy Solutions

Photodynamic therapy uses lasers for the targeted treatment of a range of soft tissue conditions.

Photodynamic therapy is a medical and veterinary treatment used to treat a variety of conditions. Lasers can be used to either inhibit or stimulate cells directly or to affect a drug injected into the body, creating a reaction to help a patient's treatment. Also called cold laser therapy, low light level laser therapy or LLLT, it has been used to treat a range of conditions including skin cancer, soft tissue injuries, wound healing and nerve regeneration.

In many applications of photodynamic therapy a photo sensitizer is administered to the area to be treated. The light from an LED or laser source can then be used to excite the photo sensitizer, causing a reaction in the body which treats the injured area. With LED and laser solutions a precise wavelength and power can be selected to excite the photo sensitizer and a localised area can easily be treated.

In other cases a photo sensitizer is not required. Light from a laser source can be applied to directly, penetrating the skin and treating the soft tissue, as well as exciting fat cells to help in weight loss. Careful selection of the laser allows for a precise, localised treatment, with wavelength and power configurations to suit the application.

Fiber Coupled Diodes

Fiber coupled diodes are valuable tools in photodynamic therapy. With a fibre coupled solution, a more precise and targeted treatment can be administered to the target, allowing for an improved treatment of the patient.

ProPhotonix modules and assemblies are versatile enough to meet the varied requirements for LLLT and photodynamic therapy. With a range of standard products we manufacture solutions for many applications in the medical and veterinary fields. Our capability to provide bespoke solutions and custom designs allows us to tailor our products to ensure you can achieve the most effective results from your laser therapy systems.