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Defense application

Solutions for Security and Transport

LED systems assist law enforcement in license plate recognition and infrastructure monitoring applications, while laser modules offer high precision targeting and range finding for ballistic and missile systems.


  • ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) -- The largest use of vision systems in transport is in ANPR systems. ANPR systems use Optical Character Recognition to automatically read number plates. LED spotlights provide a rugged, longlife solution. Available in infared and strobing configurations as well as a variety of wavelengths. 

  • Infrastructure Monitoring -- The same LEDs used in ANPR solutions are beginning to be used more frequently to monitor key bridges, railway crossings, and tunnels. 

Laser Modules

  • High-precision targeting applications -- improving accuracy by providing a highly visible spot, line or other light pattern for visual target identification and expediting the impact by honing in on reflected laser light

  • High-precision guidance systems and laser sights for ballistics accuracy -- laser targeting systems are probably best known in gun sighting applications, both for the military and sport, with a visible laser spot providing a clear indication of where a projectile will strike. Laser modules improve speed and accuracy for guidance systems also.

  • Range finding and proximity measurement -- measuring the time for a pulse of laser light that is reflected from a target, or by triangulating on the position of a laser spot can determine a highly accurate measurement of distance to a target, essential for targeting, aiming systems and warning systems as well as navigation tools for military vehicles

Products feature high bore sighting accuracy to (<0.25 degrees), rugged designs for challenging operating conditions and compact units with low power requirements suitable for battery operation. A wide range of wavelengths and powers are available, with highly visible systems in red and green for sighting and near infra-red lasers for automation and detecting with sensors.