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UV Curing

ProPhotonix offer a range of UV LED Curing systems for UV Curing of inks, coatings and adhesives. UV LED curing systems offer vastly improved lifetimes, reduced maintenance costs, significant energy savings, and with no ozone emissions or mercury content, offer a more sustainable solution than traditional technologies.

UV LED Curing

As UV LED efficiencies increase, the range of UV LED curing applications is growing due to the many advantages of LEDs over traditional technologies. To learn more about the advantages of UV LEDs over traditional technologies visit the UV Curing Systems page.  

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures the COBRA Cure™ Series of UV LED Curing Lamps for UV curing, pinning and 3D printing applications.

COBRA Cure™ FX1 delivers up to 6W/cm2 or 5J/cm2

COBRA Cure™ FX2 delivers up to 8.4W/cmor 17J/cm2 UV LED Curing System 
COBRA Cure™ FX3 delivers up to 16W/cmor 42J/cm2  

We also offer Custom UV LED curing systems for a wide range of industries including adhesives, printing and coatings.

Key considerations in UV LED Curing Lamps


As a pioneer and early adopter of Chip-on-board LED technology, ProPhotonix works with all available wavelengths to develop the ideal solution for your curing application. Your system may require a single wavelength or multiple wavelengths for best system capabilities.


With over fifteen years’ experience in LED selection, ProPhotonix will select the optimum wavelength or wavelengths for your solution; balancing efficiency & effectiveness.

Power / Intensity

ProPhotonix has a wealth of experience in producing extremely bright products. Its experience with Chip-on-Board LED technology means powerful solutions in compact form factors are achievable for your requirements. Proprietary thermal management technology will ensure your system’s full operating power and intensity while maximising LED lifetime. 

Control and Communications

ProPhotonix has a dedicated team of Electronic Engineers, experienced in the design of turnkey LED solutions allowing control of individual LEDs within arrays. Individually addressable LEDs and/or arrays provide you with full control over the operating parameters of your system giving you control over system optimization.

To learn more about ProPhotonix’ full range of UV LED curing systems, click here.