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Panasonic High Power Laser Diodes

Industrial Strength High Power Laser Diodes

With over 15 years’ experience in laser diodes ProPhotonix offers:
  • Technical Support helping you select the ideal laser diode to get the most from your application
  • A wide range of laser diodes in stock for immediate shipment
  • Excellent value due to the strength of our relationships with laser diode manufacturers
  • Advice on other elements of your system including optics, drive electronics & complete laser modules

Wavelength (nm) Power (mW) Part Number* Package (mm) Max Operating Temp (°C) Pin Configuration
661  100  LNCT28PS01WW 5.6  70  2M 
100  LNCT28PF01WW Flat  85  3 PIN 
100  LNCT22PK01WW Flat  85  3 PIN 
100  LNCQ28PS01WW 5.6  70  LD Only 
783  200  LNC728PS01WW 5.6  70  LD Only 
200  LNCT22PK01WW Flat  85  3 PIN 
200  LNCT28PF01WW Flat  85  3 PIN 
200  LNCT28PS01WW 5.6  70  2M 

New Laser Diodes

For more information on these new Laser Diodes, contact us.

Part number
Max. Operating
Temp. (oC)
661100LNCQ28MS01WW5.6 70 2M
783200LNC728MS01WW5.6 70 2M