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Laser Diode Modules

ProPhotonix manufactures easy to use, plug and play laser diode modules for a wide range of laser applications such as laser lines for machine vision, industrial alignment applications, life science applications, scientific instrumentation and more. We have the ability to offer a solution tailored to your requirements and application. Laser diode modules are available in a wide variety of wavelengths, output powers, and beam shapes. Standard and custom-designed laser diode modules and laser diode assemblies are available with:

  • Wavelengths from 405nm to 830nm
  • High and low optical output powers from 0.9mW to 120mW
  • Circular, line, cross, or elliptical spot generating optics
  • CW, pulsed or TTL modulation options 
  • Temperature stabilized (TE cooled) laser modules.

 Use the table below to explore our laser modules range.

Circular SpotElliptical SpotLineCross
3D ProTM Lasers
Designed specifically for machine vision applications, this range of compact structured light lasers are easily integrated into any system. Adjustable focus available.
    ☑  ☑     ☑
3D PRO™ Laser Mini
At 10mm in diameter, the mini module is designed for applications where space is a key consideration.
     ☑   ☑   ☑  
Industrial Laser Module
Designed and built for ease of use in tough industrial environments.

Compact Laser Module  
The compact laser diode modules are designed for applications where space is a key consideration.

Alignment Laser Module
A powerful and economical laser module offering unrivalled performance and ease of use.

Photon Laser Module
A complete solution for OEM use, photon modules are available in a range of wavelengths, powers and beam shapes.

TEC Laser module
TE Cooled laser diode module for excellent wavelength or power stability..

Threadmount Laser Module
For when laser precision and reliability are of the utmost importance.


Laser Assemblies and Lenses

ProPhotonix laser assemblies and laser collimators provide the output you need in your system -- within your own driver system -- whether it is a focused beam, pigtailed diode or fiber receptacle. Click here for more information.

Custom Laser Solutions

If standard laser diode modules don't meet your specifications, ProPhotonix can develop a custom solution for you. With a team of optical, mechanical and electronic engineers and a design bank of over 1,500 designs, ProPhotonix are well positioned to design the optimum laser diode for your application. For more information, visit the Custom Laser Solutions page.