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Laser Assemblies and Lenses Overview

Laser Assemblies

ProPhotonix laser assemblies and laser collimators provide the output you need in your system -- within your own driver system --  whether it is a focused beam, pigtailed diode or fibre receptacle.

Fibre Pigtailed
Laser Diodes:
Receptacle Packaged Laser Diodes Laser

  • Multi-quantum-well structure (MQW),
  • Built-in InGaAs monitor
  • Supplied with a 1 meter 9/125µm fiber
  • A range of termination options are available.
  • Suitable for OEM applications
  • Customization available
  • Universal 2.5mm universal adaptor
  • Visible light = 650nm
  • Collimated output power 3mW or 5mW
  • Elliptical output beam

Our assemblies are comprised of:
  • Fibre Pigtailed Laser Diodes: We can fiber couple a wide range of laser diodes typically with a 1 meter 9/125µm fiber. A range of termination options and custom solutions are available.
  • Receptacle Packaged Laser Diodes: The receptacle-packaged diodes are packaged in either SMA, FC, ST or SC receptacles or with a universal adaptor that will accept FC, ST, SC and most other 2.5mm diameter ferrule connectors for user-supplied fiber coupling. This allows for singlemode or multimode fibers to be used without additional power loss.
  • Laser Collimators: Tiny laser diode collimators let you achieve the technically difficult feat of combining high alignment accuracy with a tiny package. We also offer collimators to bespoke specifications.


ProPhotonix is an authorized distributor of Panasonic aspherical glass lenses and Helvoet high precision optical lenses